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The saying goes ” Where there’s muck, there’s brass!” In the case of a recent return website customer, I can say that this seems to be the case. The owners of Drainflo approached me to design a website for their latest business Binflo. Aware that there is an increasing need for regular, reliable waste management services, they had decided to branch out from their original drain unblocking business and venture into waste management.

Under the new Covid 19 existence, I have been aware that construction and household repair industries have actually managed to survive, if not thrive, despite the difficulties Covid has presented. As some restrictions eased, homeowners have decided to use the money they had allocated for holidays on home repairs and redecorating or extending their homes. Having designed websites for plant hire firms, plant welders, joiners, and drain unblockers in the past, I am very happy to see that their businesses are continuing to succeed, despite the recent difficulties we have all faced.

When I designed the website for Drainflo, I found the whole experience to be brilliant. The owners at Drainflo are clear with their requirements, quickly responded to my questions, and provided all necessary content information and images. In short, they were the perfect client! When they came back to me earlier in the year, looking for a brand new website for their latest business idea, I was more than happy to work with them again.

Binflo waste management

Binflo aims to provide waste removal for households and commercial properties. Their service offers “ waste removal services … to provide you with the reassurance of a cleaner and more hygienic community“.

It would also offer skip hire and general household clearance. The owners wanted their Binflo branding to clearly link to their Drainflo business and we accomplished this through the use of a similar colour palette and logo design.

The key function the website required was an e-commerce booking element, to enable customers to reserve regular bin collection slots. This was achieved using the Woocommerce Subscription plugin. This plugin can be used to set regular, repeat payments for goods or services. In this case, the bin collections are a monthly, repeat payment. The scheduling of payments can be easily adjusted and several different types of subscription can be set up at one time. All payments can then be taken securely through such payment gateways as PayPal and Stripe.

The new website has made it simple for homeowners to contact Binflo, set up their regular bin collections, have waste cleared from their property or hire a skip. The site is intuitive to use and easy to navigate.

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