Repurposed furniture is seeing a surge in popularity and last week I launched a rather more personal website project.

My husband, the original “Man Who Can” handyman, has branched out into a sideline, creating stunning dining furniture, console tables, garden furniture, and coffee tables from repurposed scaffolding boards.

repurposed furniture

His website Bee-purposed launched last week and he already has orders. Exciting times indeed! He was keen to catch the Easter weekend mood for alfresco dining and hoped that customers, swept along on the happiness of a 4-day weekend and stunning sunshine might be eager to work on their gardens. Today it’s snowing! A mere blip I am certain and we will all be eager to hit the garden centres, stoke up the barbecues and have our family around once more, now that we can at least meet in the garden. I know are very keen to see family and friends again!

Upcycling or repurposing has become more popular in recent years and I think we are all becoming more and more aware of the unnecessary overconsumption of goods in the world today. I am in my mid-40s, and I remember that my parents and grandparents used to repair and mend things before they ever considered throwing them out. The last 30 years have seen people become very accustomed to a throwaway culture. The clothing industry is certainly the most guilty in this regard. We buy cheaply and then throw items away at the end of a season. It’s rare to buy a quality item and expect to keep it for years to come.

For this reason, I have been so delighted to see an increase in upcycling and repurposing of old furniture, scaffolding boards and even pallets.

The idea to create Bee-purposed grew from a Mother’s Day gift my husband made for his own mum this year. She needed a new garden table and he designed a beautiful one with scaffolding boards and some gorgeous hairpin legs. Having nosed around Instagram and online, we came to the conclusion that this small business might well be worth a go! Being from Manchester, with the symbol of the industrious worker bee, Bee-purposed was born!

This e-commerce website enables customers to select the exact dimensions, leg designs and colours of their choice and then takes them directly to their cart to check out and pay with either PayPal or Stripe. The website design also allows the business owner to check the orders, find customer details, and print shipping labels and invoices. Every stage of the small business transaction is taken care of and is secured with Wordfence security and of course an SSL certificate. 



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