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repurposed furniture

Bee-purposed – repurposed furniture made in Manchester.

Repurposed furniture is seeing a surge in popularity and last week I launched a rather more personal website project. My husband, the original “Man Who Can” handyman, has branched out into a sideline, creating stunning dining furniture, console tables, garden furniture, and coffee tables from repurposed scaffolding boards. Upcycling or repurposing has become more popular … Read more

Web design for small businesses

5 great reasons why your business needs a website.

Small businesses can have many expenses to consider when setting up. A website might sometimes seem like an unnecessary additional expense, which is best left until later. This blog shares 5 great reasons why your business needs a website. 1. A good website makes your business look professional. Customers have certain expectations of businesses. 56% … Read more

How to share automatic blog posts via your Mailchimp RSS campaign. 4

Why website loading speed is important?

Website loading speed matters. But why? Does it really matter if your website takes a while to load? Surely your customers are happy to wait, as they have gone to the trouble of searching your site after all! In this blog, I am going to look at the facts that indicate that website loading speed … Read more

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Bilingual website? – I can help!

C’est le quinze août! Le jour de l’Assomption Today is 15th August, a day which is forever in my memory, but not for the reason you may think. I still haven’t explained the relevance of Assumption day have, I ? What does all this have to do with bilingual web design? Usually, at this time … Read more