How to share automatic blog posts via your Mailchimp RSS campaign.

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The problem.

My client came to me asking how to share automatic blog posts via their Mailchimp account. They wanted a feed connected to their mailing lists that would mean that each time they published a new post, their subscribers would receive an email notification.

The client.

I had recently designed a new website for Hresco, a property management company. Their website was an important source of information for their residential clients and shared important policies and regulations. Hresco also requested a ” News and Updates” page, where any important information could also be shared with their residents.

Importantly, Hresco wanted to be able to notify their residents automatically, each time a new post was added to the “News and Update” page. This can be achieved by connecting the RSS feed to a mailing service. In this case, the client is using Mailchimp.

How to create an automatic blog post mailer in Mailchimp.

1. The first task usually is for the client to set up a mailing list. This was easily achieved using Mailchimp.

2. I then needed to connect the RSS feed to the Mailchimp account. To do this I first added a Mailchimp For WordPress Plugin to the website. I then located the API code from the Mailchimp account and added this information to the WordPress site.

3. The next task is to create a mailing campaign template. This template will contain all future posts and deliver them to your subscribers.

  • Open your mailchimp account
  • From the menu on the left of the screen, select Automations
  • Click on the create button that appears.
  • Select Classic Automations
  • From the options that appear, select “Share blog updates
  • Name your campaign and click begin
  • Enter your RSS feed URLand select your mailing options

How do you find the RSS feed URL?

This is found by following these steps:

  • Open the website
  • Right click anywhere on the page
  • Hold down CTRL and F
  • Type “feed” into the box which appears.
  • The highlighted RSS code will appear.
  • Copy and paste the RSS feed into Mailchimp campaign you have created.

4. Once you have entered the URL for the RSS feed, follow the steps to decide on how often you would like your subscribers to be notified

5. Ensure that you have chosen the correct audience for your campaign.

6. Use the Mailchimp campaign builder to complete the design of your campaign. It is a simple process of adding blocks from the builder and ensuring that the RSS Items box is added to the template. You can add your logo to the top of the template and any extra images or text you require.

Now the campaign is ready.

Each time a new post is shared and published on your website, an email will go out to your mailing list automatically. If you have set your emails to go out at 9 am and your post is shared at 6 pm, that email will not be shared until the next morning.

Why is email marketing important?

  • Demonstrates your authority and expertise in your field of business.
  • Creates confidence among your customers that you are knowledgeable.
  • Shares new ideas and offers new ways you might be able to help new or exisitng customers.
  • Builds a good relationship with your customers.
  • Is easy to set up, cheap to run and often the return on your effort are good.

Are you interested in adding a blog to your website, or connecting an RSS feed to your mailing list? I would be happy to help.

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