How do we actually do this?

Domain Name

The first stage obviously begins when you approach us for help. At this point it is important that you have your own domain name. These can be purchased at These are a very trustworthy hosting company. You are then in possession of your own name, which is the simplest way to do this.

Web Design

Once you have a domain name, we can discuss your ideas for your site. This is often done, in person, over the phone or by completing a questionnaire. Some things to consider are:

Do you need a simple brochure website? Or is an e-commerce site more suitable?

How many pages will you need? Do you want a blog page?
What colours or design aspects do you favour? I can advise on this if you are unsure.

I can help with fonts and colours and stock images, but you can of course add your own images. Ensure these are of a professional quality and either jpeg or png format.

I will also need contact details, price lists, testimonials, any background information or any social media links you want included.

The information you give me will inform my quote, but please do take a look at our 3 price packages .



If you are happy with the quote, I will put together a proposal for you, outlining the content, costs and payment schedule.

Home page and deposit

I will take your ideas and create a home page for you. I generally write all the copy for my websites myself, but if there is anything specific that you would like added, we can do that too. The home page is our starting point and gives you the opportunity to say whether you are happy and we can make any adjustments. This is a very organic process and I am happy to make alterations at this point to ensure we have the same vision in mind.

At this point I will ask for a 25% deposit towards the cost of the site. I offer FREE hosting for the first year , so there will be no additional costs


Your website is now launched.
There will be an annual hosting charge, to maintain your website on the internet, but ultimately, you are good to go!