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An e-commerce website for an eco-friendly furniture designer.

Bee-purposed website
Portfolio - Bee-purposed Ecommerce Website 1

Scope of Project

Design an e-commerce website for Bee-Purposed furniture designer

Compress all images to ensure a rapid page loading speed.

Create an online shop with variable products.

Add a blog where the client can share their latest designs and eco-friendly products.

Bee-Purposed kitchen table
Bee-Purposed grey wash dining table

Project Summary

Mike had started his Bee-Purposed furniture business with a Mother’s Day gift for his mum. A garden table made from re-purposed scaffolding boards. Once he decided to create another table and see how well it might sell, Bee-Purposed was born.

Mike needed a website that would showcase the beautiful furniture he created. He also needed a website that would make it easy for people to order their particular preference of table, bench or desk.

The e-commerce shop was built to include variable products. This means that customers can choose a table and then specify size, colour, and leg design all through the simple drop-down options. Prices were added and a means of payment was set up using PayPal.

Mike was happy with the result:

“Vicky knew exactly what to do to create a great online shop. Even adding a discount code option for buyers of multiple products. Everything was very straightforward and Vicky knew exactly what website I needed”

Mike – Bee-Purposed

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