Bee-purposed website place it mock up image

I was very pleased to be invited to design the website for Bee-purposed; a Manchester-based company that designs furniture from repurposed scaffolding boards. Bee-purposed is an exciting new company that is embracing the move towards greener, more environmentally-friendly, repurposed furniture choices. The business is a brave new venture and being based in Manchester, a link has been made to the ever industrious city symbol of the worker bee in their business name and logo.

The vision the company has is to emphasise the idea of reusing and recycling, instead of building from scratch with rand new timber. Each piece of furniture is handmade from repurposed scaffolding boards. Bee-purposed is also looking into using protective oils and stains which are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

The design brief was to appear clean and reflect the quality of the product and a more natural colour palette. I followed the colour palette of the logo, the site uses blue and cream accents. The idea is for the images of the products on sale to speak for themselves.

The website is an e-commerce site with direct PayPal and Stripe card payment links. It is secured with an SSL certificate and protected by Wordfence.

This was a very enjoyable website to design.