The Website Design Process

Web design for small businesses

1. Domain Name

Let’s start at the beginning. You need a new website. Do you already have a domain name?

If not, I can help you with this.

2. Web Design

What is your business? Who are your customers?

These discussions can be had in person or over the phone or via email.

Some things I would need to know are :

What kind of website do you need? E-commerce or a brochure website?

What specific elements do you need for your business?

Do you want a blog? These can be extremely helpful in maintaining your online presence and are worth considering. Take a look at my blog here.

McGrath Web design - our design process infographic

3. Proposal

Depending on how many pages you require, what design elements are needed, and whether the site needs to offer e-commerce, I will suggest a design idea and the proposed price for that.

My proposal also outlines exactly what I will need from you. This might include your logo, and images you would like to use and contact details

I offer clear price packages, which I hope make it easier to know what is included and what you are paying for. If your requirements don’t quite fit these packages, we can create a more specific proposal.

4. Home Page and Deposit

I will take your ideas and create a home page for you.

I am able to write all the copy for the website myself, but I am also delighted to add content supplied by my client.

The home page is our starting point and gives you the opportunity to say whether you are happy and we can make any adjustments. This is a very organic process and I am happy to make alterations at this point to ensure we have the same vision in mind.

At this point, I will ask for a 50% deposit. I offer FREE hosting for the first year, so there will be no additional costs

5. Full Design and Final Review

I will then go away and make your web site.

We will then review the finished site and you will have your opportunity to make any adjustments before the site goes live. Once you are happy, I will ask you to sign off on the site and I will require the payment in full.

All my sites are secure with an SSL certificate, protected by Wordfenceand come fully responsive as standard. Ialso make a backup of all websites.

6. Launch!

Your website is now launched.

Having been designed with WordPress, you have full access to your Content Management System. This gives you the opportunity for you to continue to update your website images, price lists, etc.  if you feel confident to do so. I can help you understand how to do this.

If you would prefer, you can always come back to me and I can update your website for a set fee, as and when you need this.

If you later decide to add a blog, which is hugely effective in maintaining your online presence, I can do this too. I can even write your blog for you. Blogs keep your website active and current. It helps customers find your page, via shares on social media. They are a great marketing tool!

Following the first year, there will be an annual hosting charge, to maintain your website on the internet, but ultimately, you are good to go!