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Small stuff baby bank

This is my first website for a charity.

Small Stuff Baby Bank is a Somerset charity, which collects and redistributes clothes, toys, feeding equipment and bedding for babies and young children.

At a time when so many families have been finding it even harder to make ends meet, Small Stuff Baby Bank provides a valuable service to the local area.

When the opportunity arose to design a website for this charity, I was very happy to help.

What is the Small Stuff Baby Bank’s mission?

Small Stuff Baby Bank, is based in Radstock, Somerset and collects clothing and essentials for children aged 0-5-years old and redistributes them to families and carers who need them. In so doing, they meet a number of great mission goals.

  • They help struggling families feed and clothe their children. They provide everything from clothes, prams and toys to feeding equipment.
  • They provide a valuable recycling service for great quality clothing and baby items, thereby reducing what goes to landfills.
  • They also provide a great community link for parents who might otherwise feel isolated.

The charity is run by Rachel and Paula from their base at Leigh House on Wells Road in Radstock.

How could I help?

Until they contacted me, Rachel and Paula had been coping with enquiries and offers of help by responding to Facebook messages and emails. In between organising drop-offs of donations and collections and observing their new lockdown safety guidelines, it was becoming unwieldy. They needed a simpler way to take deliveries and allocate donations.

They also wanted a website to be able to share their charity with a wider audience. A website offers them that opportunity, through the technical SEO and through sharing the website link on various listings such as Yell, Yelp, Bing, etc.

In addition, a website is taken as a given nowadays and is a way of sharing your knowledge, helping others and presenting your professional business face.

Contact forms

This freelancer designs her first website for a charity 1

In order to simplify the process for donors and people requesting items, I suggested we add two additional contact forms. One for donations and one for requests.

Each form would present drop-down forms with items that are collected and redistributed and the user would simply have to click to indicate what they had to donate or what they needed.

This did two things. It ensured that the Baby Bank only received the items they needed and also, families in need would be able to clearly see what was available.

Another happy customer!

This feature was simply created using a WordPress contact form and now provides a clear breakdown of the items to be re-distributed. Rachel is delighted with the new site:

“I can’t express how over the moon my organisation is with what Vicky has created for us; it looks and functions exactly the way we want and need it to. I’m not one for writing reviews but sometimes a company impresses you so much that you can’t help yourself!”

If you are looking to set up a similar charity to help families in need, please do take a look at their website here

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